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About Us

Inspired LED Distribution is a subdivision of Inspired LED’s retail website. We design and build products that are sold exclusively to electricians, builders, architects, and lighting distributors.

    • Products are designed and manufactured in Tempe, AZ using the highest quality components.
    • Inspired LED owns 6 product patents.
    • Flexible Strips are CSA Listed and are upheld to the highest safety standards.
    • We intentionally under-drive our LEDs to extend the lifespan of the product.
    • Our unique flexible LED strips have large copper connection pads that allow for a more reliable connection when using our patented solderless technology.
    • Inspired LED Patented Tiger Paw Connector line allows for a custom direct wire installation in minutes
    • We are part of the EnOcean alliance, which provides wireless LED control and dimming.

Product warranty and return policies are made available for defective or incorrect items. Stock rotations can be made on a biannual basis to ensure that only you, and your customers, favorite products are on the shelves!