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Class 2, 12V Magnetic Transformers

SKU: 4789/4790

Magnitude’s Magnetic Dimmable transformer is the most compact LED driver on the market with a magnetic transformer core. It is equipped with two auto-reset breakers, one on the input and one on the output to protect both the load and driver. The driver is encased in a coated metal box that includes two knock-outs on the bottom for easy installation which complies with electrical code requirements. Magnitude’s T-Series Dimmable transformers are multi-output Class 2 LED dimmable drivers. It is equipped with two, three, or five push-to-reset breakers, one on each output, protecting both the load and driver. Encased in a high-quality NEMA 3R metal case enclosure, that includes 5 knockouts to enable easy installation. All of our T-Series LED Drivers are dimmable with any standard MLV TRIAC dimmer.

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Magnetic Transformers

  • Dual protection-primary and secondary auto-reset circuit breakers
  • Nema 3R Enclosure- Outdoor Use
  • Two bottom knock-outs
  • Class 2, ETL Listed, Certified to CSA Standard
  • 120VAC Input
  • 12VDC Output

T-Series Transformers

  • Available in 120W (with 2-60W outputs), 180W (with 3-60W outputs), or 300W (with 5-60W outputs)
  • Class 2, ETL Listed, Certified to CSA Standard
  • Wiring compartment with 5 knockouts for clean, easy installation
  • Dimmable with standard MLV/TRIAC (leading edge) dimmer switch
  • Push-to-reset circuit breakers
  • Nema 3R Enclosure, for Commercial and Residential use
40W Magnetic Spec Sheet 60W Magnetic Spec Sheet 120W T-Series Spec Sheet 180W T-Series Spec Sheet 300W T-Series Spec Sheet

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