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Right Angle Tiger Paws


SKU: 3635

Inspired LED’s patented solderless Tiger Paw® Connectors are the perfect solution for in-field LED system design and customization. These innovative accessories pair with LED flex strips for quick, convenient installation. Now, creating the perfect low-voltage lighting system is easier than ever, thanks to Inspired LED!

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  • Solderless termination for 8-10mm LED flex strips (end to end around a 90° turn)
  • Max Load- 5 AMPs
  • Net Weight- 3g / 5g (with orange connector)
  • Available with direct wiring input (orange connector shown above)
  • VHB adhesive backing included
  • Industry proven locking system meets shock and vibration requirements for IEC 60068-2-27
  • U.S. Patent No. 8,714,772
Right Angle Tiger Paw Screw Terminal Right Angle Tiger Paw

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