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MB240, Mega Bright, 2.4W 24VDC High Output

SKU: 24V-MB240-_ _ _ _K-40F

Inspired LED’s 24V Mega Bright High Efficiency Flexible LED Strips are ideal for those applications requiring extra-long runs of indirect light. Available in custom lengths or 40 Ft. reels, these unique strips can be cut to length and terminated with solderless connectors for easy DIY installation. Energy efficient, long lasting, and dimmable with compatible systems, Inspired LED’s Mega Bright High Efficiency flex strips are the perfect way to put the finishing touches on any project!

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  • Size 2835 diodes, 36 LED’s/FT
  • Less than 3/8″ wide, cut points available every 2” (6 LEDs)
  • Available in 40 Ft Reels
  • 4oz copper PCB allows for longer runs with minimal heat production.
  • 6 in. bare cable lead soldered to one end of reel.
  • 3M adhesive tape mounts to almost any flat surface
  • Minimal heat production, no IR or UV output
  • Rated to last 50,000+ hours
  • CSA C22.2 No. 250.0-08/ANSI/ UL Standard 1598, 8750

LED Specifications:

Indoor Applications – Under/Above cabinet, soffit lighting, toe kick, shelf lighting, display lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting, accent lighting and more. CSA Listed (C22.2 No. 250.0-08/ANSI/ UL Standard 1598, 8750)

Recommended 24V ELV Drivers (sold separately):
3942 – 20W LinDrive Driver 120VAC / 20 watt output
3943 – 40W LinDrive Driver 120VAC / 40 watt output
3936 – 40W E-Series Driver 120VAC / 40 Watt output
3937 – 60W E-Series Driver 120VAC / 60 Watt output
3579 – 96W E-Series Driver 120VAC / 96 Watt output
24V ELV Dimmable Driver Comparison Chart
Recommended 24V MLV Drivers (sold separately):
3944 – 40W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 40 Watt output
3878 – 60W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 60 Watt output
3938 – 96W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 96 Watt output
3939 – 200W T-Series Driver 120VAC input / 2×96 Watt outputs
3940 – 300W T-Series Driver 120VAC input / 3×96 Watt outputs
Recommended 0-10V Drivers (sold separately):
3880 – 96W 0-10V Solidrive Driver 120-277VAC input / 96 watt output
3768 – 90W Mean Well LPF-90D Driver 120-277VAC input / 90 watt output
24V 0-10V Dimmable Driver Comparison Chart
Recommended 24V PWM Drivers (sold separately):
3781 – 90W Plug-In Driver 120VAC input / 90 watt output
3768 – 90W Mean Well LPF-90D Driver 120-277VAC input / 90 watt output
24V PWM Driver Comparison Chart

Recommended Dimmers (sold separately):
For ELV Drivers use – Lutron DVCL-153P
For MLV Drivers use – Lutron DVLV-600P
For 0-10V Drivers use – Lutron DVTV or Lutron DVSTV

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