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RGBW Wireless Multi-Zone Dimmer

Receiver SKU: 3845

Remote SKU: 3846

The RGBW Multi-Zone Receiver is a convenient solution for controlling Inspired LED’s RGBW color changing systems with ease. Combined with the RGBW Multi-Zone wireless remote (sold separately), 24V DC power supplies, and RGBW flex strips, this device creates a distinct light zone which can be turned on and off, dimmed or brightened, and cycled through a variety of colors, both independently and in sync with other RGBW receiver zones.

SKU: 3845/3846 Category:


  • RF Range up to 100 Ft
  • Compatible with 24V DC Power Supplies, 12/24VDC input – 12/24VDC output
  • 6A per channel, 10A max
  • Compatible with RGBW multi-zone wireless remotes (sold separately), syncs with multiple RGBW receivers for versatile system control.
  • Removable 3.5×1.3mm input comes standard with every receiver
  • 5-conductor screw terminal output fro RGBW control
  • 0-100% dimming, quick functions (on, off, mode, speed+, speed-), smart memory retains most recent color/dim setting,
  • CE certified, RoHS compliant
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