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Corner Channel LED System

SKU: 3834

The new Corner Channel and Lens System from Inspired LED is an innovative solution which allows for installation at the back of a cabinet, or against a wall. The 45° channel allows the LEDs to shine downward for better diffusion. Combine with Mega Bright flexible LED strips to create perfect task lighting, or use a lower brightness for an accent light. Components available as convenient set or sold individually.

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  • 78” lightweight aluminum channel
  • 0.61” wide rounded diffused lens for even light distribution
  • End caps and support clips included
  • System designed for use against a 90° corner, producing a 45° angle of light
  • Field ready – build on site
  • To be used with 24V DC Mega Bright Flexible LED Strips

3834 – Corner Channel Set (includes everything below)
78″ Corner Channel Aluminum
78″ Corner Channel White Lens
2 – End Caps with Hole for power termination
2 – End Caps w/o Hole
4 – Metal Mounting Clips

Additional Recommended Products (sold separately)
24V Mega Bright Series LED Strips
iDea Series Screw Terminal Connector
24V ELV or PWM Driver (see recommended models below)

Recommended 24V ELV Dimmable Drivers (sold separately)
3942 – 20W LinDrive Driver 120VAC input / 20 watt output

3943 – 40W LinDrive Driver 120VAC input / 40 watt output
3936 – 40W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 40 watt output
3937 – 60W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 60 watt output
3579 – 96W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 96 watt output
24V ELV Dimmable Driver Comparison Chart

Recommended 24V PWM Drivers (sold separately)
3781 – 90W Plug-In Driver 120VAC input / 90 watt output
3768 – 90W Mean Well LPF-90D Driver 120-277VAC input / 90 watt output
24V PWM Driver Comparison Chart

Corner Channel LED System Corner Channel Aluminum Spec Sheet Corner Channel Lens Spec Sheet Corner Channel End Caps Spec Sheet Corner Channel Metal Mounting Clips Installation Guide

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