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3/8″ Radiant Edge Set

SKU: 8492

The 3/8″ Tall Radiant Edge Surface Mount LED System from Inspired LED allows contractors and customers alike to build their own elegant low-voltage fixtures in-field. Sold as a set including, 6 ft of aluminum channel, 6 ft of diffused poly-carbonate lens, two pairs of end caps, and clips. Simply attach the flex in the aluminum channel, snap on lens, and end caps to create the perfect lighting solution for any home or business!

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  • Recommended for use with: 24V Mega Bright LEDs (see LED specs for more info including power requirements)
  • Compatible with Inspired LED’s Tiger Paw® connectors, for quick & easy power termination.
  • Diffused polycarbonate material for even complete diffusion of LED strip, no more dots!
  • Width: 0.84” Height: 0.33” Length: 72”
  • Net Weight (@ 6ft length): 79g
  • With Lens: Loss of Lumens: 35%
  • Color Temperature shift with lens: Warm White (3000K) -140K , Pure White (4200K) -260K, Cool White (6000K) -445K

8492 – 3/8″ Radiant Edge LED System (includes everything below)
72″ Radiant Edge Aluminum Channel
72″ Radiant Edge Short (3/8″) Frosted Lens
2 – End Caps with hole for power termination
2 – End Caps without hole
4 – Metal Moungting Clips w/ Screws

Additional Recommended Products (sold separately)
24V Mega Bright LED Strips
iDea Series Screw Terminal Connector
24V ELV, MLV, or PWM Drivers (see recommended models below)

Recommended 24V ELV Dimmable Drivers (sold separately)
3942 – 20W LinDrive Driver 120VAC input / 20 watt output
3943 – 40W LinDrive Driver 120VAC input / 40 watt output
3936 – 40W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 40 watt output
3937 – 60W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 60 watt output
3579 – 96W E-Series Driver 120VAC input / 96 watt output
24V ELV Dimmable Driver Comparison Chart

Recommended 24V MLV Drivers (sold separately)
3944 – 40W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 40 watt output
3878 – 60W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 60 watt output
3938 – 96W Magnetic Driver 120VAC input / 96 watt output
3939 – 200W T-Series Driver 120VAC input / 2×96 watt outputs
3940 – 300W T-Series Driver 120VAC input / 3×96 watt outputs
24V MLV Dimmable Driver Comparison Chart

Recommended 24V PWM Drivers (sold separately)
3781 – 90W Plug-In Driver 120VAC input / 90 watt output
3768 – 90W Mean Well LPF-90D Driver 120-277VAC input / 90 watt output
24V PWM Driver Comparison Chart

3/8" Radiant Edge SET Spec Sheet Radiant Edge Series Aluminum Channel 3/8" Radiant Edge Series Lens 3/8" Radiant Edge Series End Caps Radiant Edge Series Mounting Clips

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